ES Swimming


At our local meets we could always use parent volunteers to help with timing!!  It is quite an easy job and it gives you a very exciting spot to watch races.

Swim Teams

A Team:  Swimmers with strong skills and speed. We like to call many of these swimmers Grandma's & Grandpa's because they usually have been on a swim team before and understand how to read workouts, read the swim clock, can easily swim 50's & 100's, and understand races.

B Team:  Swimmers with solid skills and some speed usually just graduating to swimming 50's & 100's.  These swimmers still need some guidance on stroke technique, turns and starts, as well as endurance.  Swimmers are beginning to understand races and how to read the clock and workouts.

C Team:  This is the group that will travel to the C Pool meet. These swimmers often are first year swimmers and still need quite a bit of stroke development and find 50m races very daunting.  This team requires a great deal of guidance from the coaches during practice and at meets as it is all very new to them.